Company belonging to the Spanish group Fegemu, designs and realizes comfortable and technologically advanced safety footwear, thanks to innovative patents and ideas developed with young designers and stylists, it is among the most dynamic and innovative brands of safety footwear.


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Launch a new line having a casual style and innovative performances.

We have conceived an integrated communication strategy, which includes offline, online and store, based on a personal, attractive and recognizable language.

The words to describe the new line KAPTIV® by Base Protection, the first safety footwear with stability control, are the same we can find in car advertisement. This gives birth to the idea to create a parallel plan in which directing its plus, exploiting a powerful image as a car.

The creative idea plays on the technological and stylistic analogies of the two products, creating a story that uses the language of stylistic elements of the world of cars to communicate in an efficient wat the features of the new line.


Communicate the importance of comfort for la workplace safety.

For Base Protection, comfort is a total experience because the wellbeing of each worker starts from his foot’s health.

The communication campaign starts from the message “more comfort is equal to more safety”. The expression summarizes the production philosophy of the company, a vision that considers the comfort of a professional shoe as a fundamental requisite to ensure maximum protection.

The message is told through the image of a hug between a father and his daughter; a visual metaphor far from the typical iconography of the sector.
The hug is a gesture that transmits confidence and sweetness, protection and wellbeing, strength and gentleness: a whole of qualities able to return the integration between comfort and safety of the shoes by Base Protection.

Institutional advertisement

vimeo video

Institutional campaigns

Base iTech – APP 3D Real Time

Exhibition design

Stand planning for A+A 2017 Dusseldorf

Stand planning for Expoprotection 2016 Paris

Stand planning for A+A 2015 Dusseldorf

Stand planning for Expoprotection 2014 Paris


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