Tersan Puglia manages an important industrial composting plant for the recovery and treatment of organic wastes deriving from recycling. A company in which, efficiency and technological progress combine with sustainability and social responsibility.


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Company event “Naturae”

Tersan Puglia has opened the doors of its plant to the territory (institutions, politicians, academicians, opinion leaders, partners and suppliers, media, families and employees’’ friends) transforming its industrial area into an experiential and multisensory pathway.

We have presented an original show, totally inspired to the mission of the company, leader on the national territory in the field of composting: return to the land the things that had been taken away, making it healthy.

A surrealistic journey that, starting from Nature, tells about its numerous aspects, from the origin of man and his primary instincts, up to the most recent artistic languages, manipulates and transforms space and time to create a new dimension.

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